2018: Agriculture and Investments

Landed property is not only an asset on its own but could be used for farming and other agro-allied businesses.
Sighting landed property at Juji-Buwaya
Sighting landed property at Juji-Buwaya

Chaplains and over 500 Parish Animators across the 84 Churches/Communities contribute to the strength or human resources we are proud of. These clergy, Religious and Lay faithful give pastoral, theological and moral support and also impact on the work we do in the development of the human person in our state and Nigeria at large. We welcome Rev. Fr. Joseph Awen on board as the new Chaplain of JDPC, Sabon Tasha Deanery
Water Project
The provision of water in rural communities by sinking boreholes has become a yearly intervention. For the year 2018, communities have been listed amongst which will benefit from this year’s intervention; they include: Jere, Makera (Kakuri), Afaka and Ung. Paah . The year 2019 and beyond is what we are proud to continue with God’s willing.

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