2018: Good Governance and Election observations

The Kaduna State Local Government Council Elections was long awaited.However; it has now come and gone with its innovations and challenges. In our quest to entrench accountability and transparency in governance as well as strengthen our democratic process, our constant involvement is key toensuring free, fair, and credible and violence free elections. The Kaduna State Local Government election was monitored hitherto DPI organised Voters’ sensitization, mock exercise on electronic voting and created a platform where leaders of political parties made commitment by signing a Peace Covenant for a peaceful election. The election was held on 12/05/2018.

Voters’ Education towards Kaduna LGA Election
Rev. Fr. Achir flanked at both sides by Mrs Duniya JDPC Mahuta and Deacon Bulus, Director Voters’ Education SIECOM
Director Voter Education, Deacon Bulus of SIECOM explaining the workings of the electronic machine.
Participants at the Voter’s Sensitization held at the Catholic Social Centre, Kaduna
IECs: Flyers, posters etc
Rev. Fr. Achir, Coordinator DPI making a speech at the Electronic Voting Exercise at the Catholic Social Centre, Kaduna
Barrister James Kanyip presenting a keynoteaddress on violence free election during the peace accord meeting with political parties held on 8/5/18 at the EngrAllahmagani Hall of the Archbishop McCarthy’s Secretariat, Kaduna. 
Chairman IPAC Kaduna State, Alh. Umar Mohammed  making a remarks at the signing of the peace pack.
Banner for Violence free LGA elections
Signed commitment for peaceful LGC election
Representatives of political parties at the commitment signing for peaceful LGC election 8/5/18
Priscilla Ankut Executive Vice Chairperson of the Kaduna Peace Commission at the Peace Summit
Barrister James Kanyip, Guest Speaker at the Peace Summit for Peaceful LGC Election in Kaduna State
Signed Commitment for violence free elections 8/5/18

LGC Election Day Ward 001 Sabon Tasha,

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