Peace building and Emergency Response Promoting Peace and harmony in Communities

The Universal Church World Day of Peace was celebrated on the 10th of January and that of United Nations International Day of Peace on 28thSeptember 2017 at the Catholic Social Centre and Our Lady’s of Apostles Catholic Church Independence Way, Kaduna respectively. The approaches as for these celebrations were through Peace Walks, Discussions and media chats/interview. Civil Societies, Church Associations, Archdiocesan Commissions and other Community Based Organisations were in attendance.

We resolved to continuously re-build trust and confidence among faith groups, security agencies and government. Over 280 people participated.

Universal Church World Day of Peace, January 10th, 2017

The Theme of the Universal Church World Day of Peace was Non-violence: ‘A style of Politics for Peace’ while that of the UN Day of Peace is Together for Peace: ‘Respect, Safety and Dignity for all’.

Participants at the UN Day of Peace in September, 2017

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