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All standing for the Nigeria’s National Anthem, WDP, 2018
Participants at the Universal World Day of Peace celebrated at the Catholic Social Centre 16/01/2018.
Participants at the celebration of World Day of Peace, 16 January, 2018.
Archbishop M.M. Ndagoso addressing media men during the World Day of Peace
World Day of Peace is celebrated every 1st of January, and the year 2018 was marked with participants lending their voices on issues of migrants and refugees: how men and women go out in search for peace across the world and how we should care and bring succour to them in our different countries.Women groups, CAN, traditional rulers, church commissions and the media participated. Participants at world day of Peace resolved that the issue of migrants and refugees in the search for peace must be continuous and collective effortsto re-build trust and confidence among faith groups, security agencies and government. 387 people participated.

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